Valocormidum (Valocormid)

Name:Valocormidum (Valocormidum)

Indications for use:
Applied for cardiovascular neurosis, accompanied by bradycardia (decreased heart rate to less than 50 beats per minute).

Pharmacological action:
Calming and antispasmodic (relieving spasms) agent. The action is close to the drops of Zelenin.

Valocormidum (Valokormid) method of administration and doses:
Assign 10-20 drops 2-3 times every day (before meals).

Release form:
In vials of 30 ml. Valocormidum (Valokormid) composition: valerian tincture and lily of the valley tincture – 10 ml each, belladonna tincture – 5 ml, sodium bromide – 4 g, menthol – 0.25 g, distilled water – up to 30 ml.

Valocormidum (Valokormid) side effects:
Dizziness, drowsiness.

Storage conditions:
List B. In a place protected from light.

Before using the medication“Valocormidum (Valocormid)” should be consulted with a doctor.
The instructions are provided solely for familiarization with “Valocormidum (Valokormid) “.

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