Undecinum (Undecin)

Name:Undecin (Undecinum)

Indications for use:
Various forms of epidermophytosis (skin diseases caused by parasitic filamentous fungi), yeast dermatoses (skin diseases).

Pharmacological action:
It has antifungal activity.

Undecinum (Undecin) method of administration and dose:
Outwardly. Rub into the affected areas of the skin 2 times every day. The course of treatment is 15-20 days.

Undecinum (Undecin) contraindications:
Acute inflammatory skin disease, high susceptibility to the product.

Undecinum (Undecin) side effects: You
may experience a burning sensation, allergic reactions.

Release form:
Ointment in a pack of 30 g.

Undecinum (Undecin) composition:
Undecylenic acid – 8 g, undecylenic copper – 8 g, glycerin parachlorophenyl ether – 4 g, ointment base – 80 g.

Storage conditions:
In a cool place.

Before using the medication“Undecinum (Undecin)” should be consulted with a doctor.
The instructions are provided solely for familiarization with “Undecinum (Undecin) “.

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