Tabulettae “Aeronum” (“Aeron” tablets)

Name:“Aeron” tablets (Tabulettae “Aeronum”)

Indications for use:
Aeron tablets are used for the prevention and treatment of sea and air sickness, as well as for the prevention and relief (removal of attacks of Meniere’s disease. Sometimes they are used to reduce mucus and salivation during plastic surgeries on the face and during operations on the upper respiratory tract.

Pharmacological action:
Combined product, the action of which is associated with the peculiarities of the pharmacological properties of its components – scopolamine and hyosiamine.

Tabulettae “Aeronum” (Pills “Aeron”) method of administration and doses:
In case of air and seasickness, the tablets are prescribed orally: prophylactically, 30-60 minutes before departure, take 1-2 tablets, and later, if necessary, after 6 hours – more one tablet. If Aeron was not used prophylactically, then at the first sensations of the disease (nausea, dizziness, headache) take 1-2 tablets, then give one tablet 2 times every day.
Higher doses for adults: single – 2 tablets, daily – 4 tablets.
In rare cases, with persistent vomiting, instead of Aeron, suppositories containing as much camphorate scopolamine and hyoscyamine can be prescribed as they are contained in one Aeron tablet.
In Meniere’s disease, 1 tablet is prescribed 2-3 times every day. For surgical interventions on the face 20-30 minutes before the operation, 2 tablets are prescribed immediately and after the operation, 1 tablet 2 times every day for the first 2 days.

Tabulettae “Aeronum” (Pills “Aeron”) contraindications:
Do not prescribe to patients with glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure).

Tabulettae “Aeronum” (Pills “Aeron”) side effects:
When using aeron, thirst, dry mouth and throat are possible. Drinking and caffeine are prescribed to alleviate this condition.

Release form:
Tablets of 0.0005 g in a pack of 10 pcs.

Storage conditions:
List B. In a place protected from light.

Before using the medication“Tabulettae “Aeronum” (Aeron Tablets)” should be consulted with a doctor.
The instructions are provided solely for familiarization with “Tabulettae “Aeronum” (“Aeron” tablets) .

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