Tabulettae Carbonis activati ​​“KM” (Activated charcoal tablets “km”)

Name: Activated charcoal tablets “km” (Tabulettae Carbonis activati ​​“KM”)

Indications for use:
Same as for activated charcoal.

Pharmacological action:
Compared to activated charcoal tablets, they have a greater adsorbing (absorbing) capacity. The sodium salt of carboxymethyl cellulose included in their composition almost doubles the adsorption surface of coal, and white clay improves the disintegration of tablets when they enter the stomach.

Tabulettae Carbonis activati ​​“KM” (Activated charcoal tablets “km”) method of administration and doses:
Take orally 2-4 times every day, 0.1-1.5 g (4-6 tablets) per dose every 1.5-2 h after eating; drink half a glass of water. To speed up the action, especially in case of poisoning, it is recommended to crush the tablets.
The course of treatment (for diseases accompanied by processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines, with increased acidity and secretion of gastric juice) lasts 7-14 days.

Storage conditions:
In a dry place.

Release form: Tablets with a total weight of 0.25
g in a pack of 10 pcs. carboxymethylcellulose 0.0045 g

Before using the drug “Tabulettae Carbonis activati ​​”KM” (Activated charcoal tablets” km) “ , you should consult your doctor.
The instruction is provided solely for familiarization with ” Tabulettae Carbonis activati ​​”KM” (Activated charcoal tablets “km”) “.

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