Kalii bromidum (Potassium bromide)

Name:Potassium bromide (Kalii bromidum)

Indications for use:
As a sedative for neurasthenia, neurosis, increased irritability.

Pharmacological action:
Calming agent.

Kalii bromidum (Potassium bromide) method of administration and doses:
Assign orally per se (in pure form) and in combination with potassium iodide, 0.1-1 g per day.

Storage conditions:
In a place protected from light.

Release form:

Potassium bromide.

Potassium bromide is also part of the Adonis Bromine product.

Before using the medication“Kalii bromidum (Potassium bromide)” should be consulted with a doctor.
The instructions are provided solely for familiarization with “Kalii bromidum (Potassium bromide) .”

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