Jodthyrox (Iodthyrox)

Name:Iodthyrox (Jodthyrox)

Indications for use:
Treatment and prevention of endemic goiter, diffuse non-toxic goiter (an increase in the volume of the thyroid gland); prevention of goiter recurrence after its surgical removal (with iodine deficiency in the environment).

Pharmachologic effect:
Combined product containing levothyroxine and an inorganic iodine product. Iodthyrox is intended for the treatment and prevention of euthyroid goiter (abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland) in conditions of iodine deficiency. With a lack of iodine, the synthesis of thyroxine by the thyroid gland decreases, which increases the blood content of the thyroid-stimulating hormone of the pituitary gland, which regulates the function of the thyroid gland) with the subsequent development of hyperplasia (tissue growth) of the thyroid gland. Isolated intake of iodine products blocks the secretion (excretion) of thyroid-stimulating hormone, which can lead to inhibition of thyroxine synthesis. The addition of levothyroxine compensates for the deficiency of thyroxine and also suppresses the excess synthesis of thyroid-stimulating hormone. Besides,

Jodthyrox (Yodtiroks) method of administration and doses:
The drug is taken on an empty stomach, usually 30 minutes before breakfast and washed down with a small amount of liquid. The usual starting dose of the product is 1/2 tablet every day. After 2-4 weeks, the dose, if necessary, depending on the condition of the patients, also taking into account body weight, is increased to 1 tablet every day. During pregnancy, 1-1 1/2 tablets of the product are prescribed every day.

Jodthyrox (Yodthyrox) contraindications:
Increased susceptibility to iodine, clinically pronounced hyperthyroidism (a disease characterized by increased thyroid function), adenomatous goiter (nodular enlargement of the thyroid gland), tumors of the thyroid gland. The drug is prescribed with caution to patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, including arterial hypertension (raising blood pressure), angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, heart rhythm disturbances, myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), as well as nursing mothers. During pregnancy, the use of the product in combination with thyreostatic (suppressing thyroid function) drugs is contraindicated.

Jodthyrox (Jodthyrox) side effects:
Associated with potassium iodide – hypersensitivity reactions: skin reactions, eosinophilia (increased levels of eosinophils in the blood), in very rare cases – shock; palpitations, trembling, high nervousness, insomnia, high sweating, diarrhea (in patients older than 40 years). Associated with levothyroxine – see. levothyroxine.
The development of chest pain or other symptoms that indicate worsening cardiovascular disease should be a reason to reduce the dose of the product. The use of the product (due to the presence of levothyroxine in its composition) in patients with diabetes mellitus or insufficiency of the adrenal cortex can lead to an increase in the severity of these diseases. During this period of time, careful selection of drugs for the treatment of these diseases is required.

Release form:
Tablets in a pack of 50 and 100 pcs.

Jodthyrox (Yodtiroks) composition:
One tablet contains 100 micrograms of levothyroxine sodium and 130.8 micrograms of potassium iodide.

Storage conditions:
List B. In a dry, cool place.

Before using the medication“Jodthyrox (Jodthyrox)” should be consulted with a doctor.
The instructions are provided solely for familiarization with “Jodthyrox (Iodthyrox) “.

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