Haematogenum (Hematogen)

Name:Hematogenum (Haematogenum)

Indications for use:
With anemia, loss of nutrition.

Pharmacological action:
It has antianemic (preventing the development of anemia – a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood) action.

Haematogenum (Hematogen) method of administration and doses:
Inside, in tiles, 1-2 shares per reception 2-3 times every day.

Haematogenum (Hematogen) contraindications:
Not identified.

Haematogenum (Hematogen) side effects:
Not noted.

Release form:
In tiles of 50 g.

Haematogenum (Hematogen) composition:
Preparation from defibrinated (devoid of fibrin) blood of slaughter cattle.

Storage conditions:
In a dry, cool place.

Before using the medication“Haematogenum (Hematogen)” should be consulted with a doctor.
The instructions are provided solely for familiarization with “Haematogenum (Hematogen) ».

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