Common pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.)

Common pumpkin is an annual cultivated plant representing the Cucurbitaceae family.


An annual cultivated plant with a climbing rigid stem, very large toothed leaves, up to 20 cm wide, and very large dioecious yellow flowers; staminate – in bunches, pistillate – single; fruit – large, up to 50 cm cm, spherical or elongated-spherical, of various colors; seeds are flat, bordered. Blooms in June-July. It is bred everywhere in gardens.

Harvesting, description of raw materials:

In medicine, pumpkin seeds are used – Semina Cucurbitae. When harvesting, they are freed from the pulp and dried. In the manufacture of medicines, the seeds are cleaned of the outer hard shell.

Medicinal use:

They are used in the form of an emulsion with honey as an anthelmintic for the expulsion of tapeworms. In folk medicine, the seeds are eaten from worms, the fruit pulp is applied for lichen, from a tapeworm.

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