Dryweed forest

Name: Forest cudweed


Cushweed forest (Gnaphalium silvaticum L.)

Woodweed is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Compositae family.


Low perennial herbaceous plant (20-50 cm), densely covered with gray or white felt; leaves are small, lanceolate, linear above. Baskets are collected in ears, which form a paniculate-spike inflorescence; in baskets, a multi-row wrapper of oblong and spoon-shaped green and brown leaves; flowers are yellowish-white, filiform pistillate on the outside, tubular-funnel-shaped in the middle. Achenes are oblong with a brittle tuft. Blossoms in July-September. Grows in forests, forest edges.

Contains active substances:

Contains a small amount of tannins.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of the whole plant is drunk with general weakness; grass powder is used as a wound healing (sprinkle wounds); sprinkle places affected by weeping lichen.

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