Sochechnik spring

Name: Sochechnik spring


Spring Sochechnik (Orobus vernus L.)

Spring Sochevichnik is a herbaceous plant from the Moth family (Papilionaceae). Other names: Chyna spring


Perennial herbaceous plant with erect, ribbed, bare stem, up to 50 cm in height; leaves on grooved petioles, ending in antennae, with 2-3 pairs of ovate or elliptical, pointed leaflets. The flowers are purple or bluish-violet, when they fade or dry, they become blue, collected 3-8 in drooping, axillary racemes. Bobs are linear, hairless. It blooms in April-May. It is often found throughout the republic in shrubs and shady forests.

Contains active substances:

Nomadic herb contains flavone substances.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of the herb is drunk for heart disease.

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