Smolevka common

Name: Common Smolevka


Common Smolevka (Silene cucubalus L.)

Smolevka vulgaris is a perennial plant from the clove family (Caryophyllaceae).


A bluish-green perennial plant with one or more smooth, branched stems up to 60 cm in height in the upper part. The leaves are rather narrow, oblong-oval or lanceolate, pointed, upper sessile, densely located below, on petioles. The flowers are white in a loose corymbose semi-umbel; their calyx is blister-swollen, pale colored, with a network of greenish veins, more than 1 cm long. It blooms from June to September. Smolevka grows in crops, on fallow fields, meadows, among shrubs, near roads, in lighted places in forests. Occurs frequently.

Contains active substances:

Smolevka herb contains saponins.

Medicinal use:

The herb is brewed as a tea and taken as a diuretic, with desentery, compresses are made on places affected by lichen; a decoction of the roots is drunk for pulmonary tuberculosis.

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