Smolka common

Name: Common tar


Smolka ordinary (Smolka ordinary L.)

Common tar is a perennial plant from the clove family (CARYOPHYLLACEAE).


Perennial plant with a straight, leafy, sticky top, simple or branched stem at the top with elongated internodes. The leaves are opposite, narrow, long, pointed; basal form a rosette. The flowers are medium-sized, on short pedicels, collected in the upper part of the stem in a sparse corymbose semi-umbrella; petals are red, slightly notched at the top. It blooms in May – June. Smolka grows in pine forests, along the edges of spruce and alder forests, in meadows and sandy slopes.

Contains active substances:

Tar grass contains saponins.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of the herb is drunk for uterine bleeding.

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