eryngium flat-leaved

Flat-leaved eryngium (Eryngium planum L.)

The flat- leaved eryngium is a perennial plant from the umbrella family (Umbelliferae). Other names: sinegolov, blue thorn.


Perennial naked plant with a straight branched bluish-violet stem up to 100 cm in height, leathery dark green sharp-toothed leaves and capitate inflorescences within 1-2 cm in length with hard involucre leaves and numerous blue flowers. It blooms in July. The eryngium grows in dry meadows, edges of pine forests, along roads.

Contains active substances:

The grass contains saponins, tannins, essential oil, flavonoids.

Medicinal use:

For heart diseases, they drink an aqueous decoction of the herb collected during flowering.

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