Meadow seaweed (Succisa pratensis L.)

Meadow sivets is a perennial plant from the Villusaceae family (Dipsacaceae). Other names: field scabiosa, satanic root, devil’s root, rannik, overthrown grass, shortness of breath grass.


Perennial herbaceous plant 40-100 cm tall, erect stem, with 2 opposite branches and opposite broadly lanceolate leaves, lower leaves in a rosette, all leaves above are bare, glossy, entire. Flowers in dense bluish-lilac globular heads; fruits are seeds. Blossoms in July – September. Sivets grows in damp meadows, forest edges, in clearings among shrubs.

Contains active substances:

Sivets contains saponins, an unexplored glycoside, tannins.

Medicinal use:

The rhizome with roots is crushed, mixed with sugar and taken in a teaspoon for pain in the stomach, they drink an aqueous decoction of the whole plant for headaches, they wash the places affected by the scabies mite. Sivets is also used as a diuretic, expectorant, for sore throat, skin diseases, scabies. It is used in homeopathy.

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