Name: Odorless chamomile

Odorless chamomile (Matricaria inodora L.)

Odorless chamomile is an annual or perennial plant from the Compositae family.


One- or perennial plant within half a meter of height with a branched stem; leaves twice or thrice pinnately divided into filiform lobules. Baskets are numerous, on long peduncles, with a hemispherical-conical, bare, dense receptacle inside; marginal flowers reed, white, horizontally spread; median flowers – tubular, yellow. Achenes almost black, ribbed, without tuft. blooms from June to the end of October. Odorless chamomile grows in weedy places, along the edges of fields, along roads, on sandy coastal shallows. Occurs frequently.

Contains active substances:

The odorless chamomile herb contains essential oil, pyrethrin and compounds close to it.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of the herb is drunk for pain in the stomach, used to wash wounds, used as a rinse for toothache.

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