Common agrimony

Name: Common agrimony

Common agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria L.)

Common agrimony is a perennial plant representing the Rosaceae family. Other names: strawberry, sculptor, burdock, burdock, magpie.


Perennial plant, with a straight elevated strong stem up to 100 cm in height; the leaves at the bottom are brought together like a rosette; The flowers are small, yellow, in a long dense, narrow spicate raceme; the fruits are flat on top, with protruding spines. Blooms in June-August. Grows agrimony in meadows, bushes, forest edges, roadsides.

Contains active substances:

Contains essential oil, tannins, bitter substance, flavonoids, coumarin, steroidal saponins, traces of alkaloids.

Medicinal use:

The decoction is taken orally for abdominal pain and vomiting, chest diseases, rashes in babies, and hemorrhoids. In Western European medicine, it is used for kidney and stomach diseases. Used in homeopathy.

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