Full-time field flower (Anagallis arvensis L.)

Full-time field flower is a plant from the Primulaceae family. Other names: chicken blindness, night blindness, scratch aid, oak fern, earthen fern, viper grass, reed grass, red couch grass, seagrass root, night blindness, chicken blindness, chicken blindness


An annual or biennial low plant with several stems and a thin tap root; stem prostrate or ascending, leaves opposite, sessile, ovate, green above, with black dots below. Flowers singly on long pedicels emerging from the axils of leaves, sepals and petals 5 each. Calyx shorter than spicate brick-red corolla; stamens 5. The box is spherical, cracks across and opens with a lid. The full-time flower blooms in June-July. The full-time field flower grows in the fields, along the outskirts of roads, in weedy places.

Contains active substances:

Full-time field color contains saponins, bitter substances, glycoside cyclamine, flavonoids.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of the whole plant is used internally and externally for all kinds of bleeding, as a gastric remedy, for dysentery, headache; bathe weak children.

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