Eyebright (Euphrasia stricta L.)

Eyebright is an annual herbaceous plant from the Norichnikovye family (Scrophulariaceae).


A small annual plant with a straight, simple or more often branched from the middle, reddish-brown stem, 5-50 cm tall, pubescent with short curly hairs. The leaves are small, traditionally naked, ovate, with longish spinous teeth along the edge, falling early on the lower part of the stem. Flowers 60-10 mm long, two-lipped, pale purple, sitting in the axils of the bracts and forming, under the very top of the stem, at first crowded, later elongated inflorescence. Eyebright blooms in June until very early. Erect eyebright grows in meadows, edges and clearings, among shrubs, on dry slopes.

Contains active substances:

Eyebright herb contains aukubin glycoside, essential oil, bitter substance, resin, blue dye.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of the herb eyebright is drunk for colds, washed with sore eyes, used for diathesis, childhood eczema, skin tuberculosis in babies, drunk as tea for fever, washed hair for rapid hair growth, washed eyes. Eyebright is used in the West for eye diseases, in homeopathy.

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