hairy sedge

Hairy sedge (Carex hirta L.)

Shaggy sedge is a herbaceous perennial from the sedge family (Cyperaceae). Other names: decop, expensive grass, medical sedge, red couch grass, sedge couch grass, skoroda, silk grass, mulberry


Perennial herbaceous plant with a longish, horizontal, branched rhizome, from which aerial, obtusely trihedral, leafy stems 10-15 cm in height depart. The leaves are narrow, linear, long-pointed, pubescent. The flowers are collected in spikelets – staminate in 2-3 small, narrow, rusty apical spikelets and pistillate lower along the stem in 2-3 spaced, cylindrical or almost oval, pubescent spikelets, initially greenish, later slightly rusty in color. Sedge blooms in May-June. Shaggy sedge grows along the sandy banks of rivers and lakes.

Contains active substances:

In the rhizomes of hairy sedge, traces of essential oil and saponins were found.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of sedge rhizomes is drunk for nervous diseases.

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