Oslinnik biennial

Aspen biennial (Oenothera biennis L.)

The biennial primrose is a biennial plant from the Cypress family (Onagraceae). Other names: primrose, evening color, evening star, summer star, night candle, candlestick, night violet.


Taproot, in the first year with a rosette of pressed leaves, in the second year a stem appears, softly pubescent, straight, within 1 m in height; leaves in the rosette are elliptical, on the stem – lanceolate, alternate, sessile; flowers are large, light yellow, in racemose inflorescences, with pointed sepals, 4 petals and 4-separate stigma; the fruit is an oblong box, thickened downwards, with 4 valves. Aspen blossoms in June-July. Biennial aspen grows along roadsides, in wastelands, sandy places. Doesn’t happen often.

Contains active substances:

Oslinnik contains phytosterol, tannins, the flowers have a coloring matter.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of the aspen root is drunk for pulmonary tuberculosis and chest pains, a decoction of inflorescences for inflammation of the kidneys, wounds are washed with a decoction. The biennial aspen is used in homeopathy.

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