(Populus tremula L.)

Aspen is a tree from the Willow family (Salicaceae). Other names: trembling poplar, gentian, whisperer tree


A tree up to 30 m tall with a straight trunk covered with a smooth greenish-gray, subsequently cracking bark, highly delimbed. The crown is small, rounded. The leaves are almost rounded, notched-obtuse-toothed along the edge, dark green above, gray-green below on long, laterally compressed, flexible petioles. Flowers in scaly catkins. Aspen blooms in early spring and before the leaves appear. Aspen traditionally grows in forests and shrubs.

Contains active substances:

Aspen leaves contain salicin and salicylpopuloside.

Medicinal use:

Aspen ash from the trunk with fat is used as an ointment for eczema; the leaves are burned, fumigated with smoke, boils are sprinkled with ashes; the bark is used for fever, a decoction of the bark is rinsed with sore teeth.

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