Shield male, or male fern

Parts used : rhizome. Pharmacy name: rhizome of the male fern – Filicis rhizoma (formerly: Rhizoma Filicis).

Botanical description. A perennial plant with a dark brown rhizome surrounded by the bases of petioles of old leaves, resulting in a cylindrical formation 20-40 cm long and as thick as an arm. Cirrus leaves reach a length of 1 m or more, the central rib of the petiole and alternate individual leaves (feathers) are covered with scales from below. The leaves, which become shorter towards the top of the leaf, in turn, are also deeply dissected “and the blunt pinnate lobes, bearing round sori (groups of sporangia) on the lower plane, are first yellowish-green, and later brown. Found in all forests, mainly beech.

Collection and preparation. The rhizomes are dug up in autumn. Remove dead parts of leaves and roots without touching their bases. The rhizomes prepared in this way are carefully and carefully dried.

Active ingredients: tannins, a little essential oil, bitterness and anthelmintic substances (buganonphloroglucides).

Healing action and application. First of all, it must be said that tea from this plant is not used against worms. Previously, when getting rid of worms, in particular tapeworms, mainly galenic products (extracts) were used. But since too much is needed to expel the worms, this treatment is always a bit risky. And since now there are better remedies / ferns are practically not used in medicine. It is no longer used for baths, and for wet compresses on purulent wounds.

Attention! This plant should not be used on its own.

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