Chilibukha emetic, or emetic nut

Loganiaceae – Loganiaceae.

Pharmacy name: emetic seeds – Strychni semen (formerly: Semen Strychni).

Botanical description. Tropical tree 10-15 m tall, with opposite leaves and flowers, with a light plate-shaped crown. The fruits are large (up to 6 cm in diameter) orange-red berries. It grows in East Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Java, Africa, Northern Australia.

Active ingredients: strychnine, brucine and alkaloids close to them, bitterness, choline and other compounds.

Application. In the form of pharmaceutical products, it used to be used as a remedy for weakness – especially the digestive tract – sometimes to increase blood circulation. The German National Health Service rejects these applications (as invalid). In homeopathy, a remedy called Nux vomica is often used for digestive difficulties, muscular rheumatism, and mental disorders.

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