Tobacco real or virgin

Solanaceae – Solanaceae.

Pharmacy name: tobacco leaves – Nicotianae folium (formerly: Folia Nicotianae).

Botanical description. The stem of this plant reaches the 2nd height, glandular-pubescent, slightly branched, with large leaves and funnel-shaped, carmine-red flowers collected in a panicle. The birthplace of tobacco is Virginia, but it is cultivated in many countries, especially in Cuba and Brazil, and also in Europe.

Active ingredients: nicotine and numerous alkaloids close to it, rutin, betaine, asparagine, tannins, resins and enzymes.

Application. In China, tobacco is used as an antihelminthic, in Europe – only in homeopathy for sea sickness, all kinds of pain and epilepsy. It has recently been used in herbal products for smoking cessation.

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