Parts Used: Root wood.

Pharmacy name: sassafras wood (root) – Sassafras lignum (formerly: Lignum Sassafras), sassafras oil – Sassafras aetheroleum (formerly: Oleum Sassafras).

Botanical description. Sassafras forms extensive forests on the Atlantic coast of North America from Florida to Canada. There it reaches a height of over 30 m.

Collection and preparation. Pharmaceutical raw materials are obtained mainly from the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina (USA). In autumn, the roots are dug up, peeled and crushed. Larger blocks are prepared for sale, which are crushed later.

Active ingredients: about 1-2% essential oil with safrole, red tannin and a number of other tannins, resin, wax, mucus, sugar and sitosterol.

Healing action and application. Sassafras is currently practically not used for medical purposes. However, this plant is not yet often found in the so-called blood-purifying teas. Perhaps it is there more than just a flavor additive, as it has a slight diuretic effect.

Side effects. Overdose leads to irritation of the kidneys. A carcinogenic effect is not excluded, since the plant contains safrole.

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