Poison sumac

Name: Poison sumac

Very poisonous!

Sumac – Anacardiaceae.

Common name: poison ivy.

Pharmacy name: Poison sumac leaves – Rhois toxicodendron folium (formerly: Folia Rhois toxicodendron).

Botanical description. Small shrub, with pubescent leaves, 8-10 cm long, very variable in shape and with a paniculate inflorescence. The plant secretes a milky sap. It grows in North America and East Asia.

Active ingredients: gallic acid, urushiol (lactic juice with skin irritating substances), tannins, poisonous hl and goats.

Application. It is used almost exclusively in homeopathy (Rhus toxicodendron) against complications of influenza, rheumatism, pains of a nervous nature, feverish conditions and skin diseases.

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