rusty rhododendron

Name: Rhododendron rusty

Poisonous, guarded!

Heather – Ericaceae.

Popular names: alpine rose, mountain dope.

Pharmacy name: rusty rhododendron leaves – Rhododendri ferruginei folium (formerly: Folia Rhododendri ferruginei).

Botanical description. Evergreen shrub up to 1 m in height. The leaves are lanceolate, light green on the underside, with glandular dots. The flowers are very showy, rusty red. Grows in the mountains (Alps, Pyrenees).

Active ingredients: tannins, an essential oil that lowers blood pressure, and andromedotoxin.

Application. It is used to purify the blood, also as a diuretic, for gout and rheumatism.

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