Ash-tree golostovchikovy – ash-tree golostolbikovy


Bagatorichna herbaceous roslina of the homeland of rutovs. The stem is erect, 50-120 cm inflorescences, densely vcrit, like all the growth, with mottled black cilia, curly-hairy down to the bottom. Leaves are black, unpaired; leaflets are shkiryastі, vidovenno-elіptičnі, along the edge of the ribbed-cartilaginous-pilocha, up to 11 cm zavdovki and up to 6.5 cm zavryshki. The flowers are two-state, irregular, bluish-erysipelas with reddish veins, with a crowned whale-like bud. Plid – a box. Flowers in herbs – chervni.


Width. Zustrichaetsya in Crimea on chagars, near light forests.

Sirovina. Vykoristovuyut root (dig autumn), leaves, flowers (pick the hour of blooming growth) and nasinnya. Roslina is unofficial.

Chemical warehouse . Roslina revenge efirna oliya (0.15%), alkaloids (dictamnin, skimianin, trigonelin and choline), dictamnolactone and saponins. Anethole and methylchavicol are included in the warehouse of ethereal oil.

Pharmacological power and victory . In folk medicine, ash-tree vicorist is like an anti-spasmodic, anti-sudominal, sechoginny and anti-gliding zasib. It is important to have an effective treatment of the root or the root in cases of schlunkovo-intestinal disorders, sechokam’yanіy ailments, melancholy and epilepsy. Nasty flowers and vicorist leaves for rubbing against rheumatism.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya . Internally – vodvar root (6 g of root or added to 200 ml of okrop) in a third bottle 3 times a day.

Roslin is crazy! Upon contact with the weeds, puffs appear on the skies. Procurement, saving and stosuvannya require care.

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