Fraxinus excelsior L.

Maslinov’s homeland – Oleaceae


How do you look? Tree 15-40 m. The leaves are large, imparipinnate, composed of 7-13 protracted-elliptic pointed leaves. Tickets without colors, are issued earlier than leaflets. Blossom in winter, bear fruit in spring. Plid – pot.

De growth? Throughout the territory of Ukraine – alone in beech, oak and mixed forests. So yogo visajuyut bela sadib.

What to pick? The bark is hanging, the leaves are summer.

When to stall? For rheumatism, arthritis 1 tablespoon sumishi of ash measles , flowers of viper (Filipendula ulmaria Maxim) and currant leaves in spivvіdnoshnі 10: 10: : 20 take okrop per 1 bottle, insist 30 quilin and drink 2-3 bottles for a day. How zasіb anthelmintic, carrying, sweating and zhovchogіnny zastosovuyut at the sight of the vіdvar. Boil 2 tablespoons of trimmed measles in 1 glass of water and live in 1 tablespoon of trichi per day.

With nirkov stones, boil 50 g of measles yasena in the water, boil 5-7 khvilin and drink trichi per day.

Fresh juice from the leaves is instilled into the ear, fresh bark and leaves are applied to wounds.

Ash bark has flavonoid glycosides (quercitrin) and coumarins (fraxin), tannins of speech, phenol glycoside syringin, letka olia, mannit, inositol, scho di sechoginno, malic acid.

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