stockrose black

A perennial plant with a longish branched root and a simple, slightly branched stem up to 3 m high. The leaves are round-heart-shaped, the lower ones are crowded, five-seven-lobed, the upper ones are three-lobed. Stems, branches and leaves are hairy, towards the top of the stem the leaves gradually decrease and pass into bracts, forming together with the flowers a blunt spike-shaped inflorescence. The flowers are large, 5-7 cm across, sitting in the leaf axils one or two on very short pedicels. The petals of the flowers are dark red, appearing black, but this color is not permanent. The calyx is double, it remains even after flowering, with dry fruits, breaking up into 20-40 fruitlets.

It grows wild in southern Europe and Asia Minor. Widespread as an ornamental plant (bred in front gardens).

Flowers are medicinal raw materials.

In folk medicine, this plant is used as an expectorant for bronchitis mixed with mullein.


Decoction of flowers: 10 g per 100 ml; 1 st. spoon 3 times every day.

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