Shipshina travneva – cinnamon rosehip

cinnamomea); the spike is brown; homeland of Rosaceae (Rosaceae); rosehip cinnamon


Shipshina is the original form of the Trojans’ beloved mustache, as it has long since won the respect of people with its fragrant quinces. The crown bushes up to 2 m with hilts, with all the great thorns, like rotting in pairs, were the base of the leaves. The leaves of the plant are unpaired pinnate, dovgastoyaytsepodіbnі, short-petiolate. Flowers with a diameter of 3-5 cm. The fruits of the herb, so called hypanthia, fleshy, orange chi orange-red, up to 1.5 cm in diameter. Shipshina herbal growth in forests, middle chagarniks, uzdovzh river and strumkіv іnkoly utvoruє zarosі. Rarely trapleyaetsya on bows. Growing throughout the territory of the middle smug of Russia and Siberia. On the Far Skhodі, it was planted with a thorn scurf (R. rugosa), as it was introduced into culture in the European part of Russia. On the territory of Ukraine, the herb of grass grows in foxes,

For the preparation of vicarious liquors, fresh, dried fruits of the roslin are used. They are harvested after full ripening, at the spring, carefully shaving off prickly thorns. Selected fruits are dried in a tint on an open floor, and then dried in a drying oven at a temperature of 80 °C.

Shipshina is a unique vitamin and medicinal plant. Її fruit to take up to 17% vitamin C – 10 times more, lower blackcurrant, and 100 times more, lower limon. The warehouse also includes carotene (provitamin A), vitamins B1 B 2 , PP, K, pantothenic acid, flavonoids, zukri, pectin, organic acids, micro- and macro-elements and other parts. Zastosovuyut herbal products in science and folk medicine.

The fruits of the herb show anti-aging, anti-sclerotic and anti-inflammatory action, positively contribute to the deep exchange of speech, enhance the synthesis of hormones and tissue regeneration, increase the body’s fatness to unacceptable factors, stimulate the secretion of liver and improve the secretion. Fruits of thorns and vicorist for the prevention of hypo- and avitaminosis; live with acute and chronic infections, diseases of the liver, intestines, viral diseases, diathesis, bleeding, hemophilia, thyroid disease. A good effect is to give fruit in case of curing diseases of the respiratory organs. The preparations of herbs are taken for cholecystitis, cholangitis and chronic hepatitis, especially good for helping with these illnesses syrup from fruits.

From now on, thorns otrimuyut the whole olive tree, like vicorist, as a mistsevy zasib for healing wounds, cracked nipples in mothers-year-olds, with stomatitis, gingivitis and bedsores. Behind its therapeutic power, oliya shipshini is close to oblpikhova.

Syrup with fruits of shipshini and shipshinova oliya is dispensed from specialized pharmacies.

Bjoli take a file from the tickets of the grower. In Russia, Ukraine and the dry lands, there are over 200 types of herbs, and you can still smell similar medicinal and honey-bearing powers.

Nasty fruits. 1 tablespoon of dry fruits is poured into 200 ml of dill. Insist in a closed vessel (preferably in a thermos) for 8-12 years, proceed. Take 1/2 bottle 2-3 times a day before eating.

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