Shavliya muskatna – clary sage

Bagatorichna herbaceous roslina, the motherland of lipflowers. Stems with a stem or upright, up to 100-120 cm cuspid, splayed, leafy, densely pubescent with curly, not long hairs, with a house of short and long stem shoots. The stem leaves are opposite, long-petiolate heart-shaped-ovate, large, obtuse or obtuse, along the edge of the podvіy vigrise-tooth, short-haired and stub; the upper leaves under the flowers are short-petiolate, dribnish, zagostreni; folded leaves are sessile, broadly ovate, sharply pointed; on the upper part of the upper part, on the surface of the upper part of the head, on the edges of the short part, whitish or reddish, double the cups, on the top itself without flowers at the sinuses. The tickets are two-stated, incorrect, in incorrect 4-6-folded rings, which make up the hairy-rolled, shorter than the vegetative part of the stem of the succulent; wreath pale erysipelas, lilac and whitish, two-lipped (the upper lip is crescent-shaped, on the upper lip it is often, the lip is short-haired and spiky; the lower lip is trilopathic, with a broadly ovate, bowl-shaped inverted middle shovel), with a tubular lumen The plate is composed of several single pot-like chasms. Bloom from lime until spring.

Width. Muscat shawlia is cultivated by Krim as ethereal roslin. On the peninsula of Krimu (on the stony slopes, sometimes like the weeds in the gardens, in the fields) they traiplyaetsya and in the wild camp.

Procurement and saving . For the preparation of vicarious vines, shawli grass (Herba Salviae sclareaе) is harvested, yak is harvested during the flowering period of the growth. Selected syrovina (leaves and flowery tops of stems) should be dried on a free floor or in a place where it is well ventilated. I’m ready to save the syrovina from well-closed jars or plaques. The fresh blossoms of the vicorist grow like syrovina for the production of ethereal oil. They pick flowers, growing them over the top pair of green stem leaves and immediately send them to processing, shards, with a thriving amount of syrovin, spend a significant amount of ethereal oil (up to 40% for production, which means you can choose to be taken).

Chemical warehouse . The above-ground part of the growth is hostile to ethereal oliya (in leaves 0.25-0.28%, in blossoms close to 0.5%), coumarins, flavonoids (1.2%), saponins (4%), sclareol and organic acids. The stock of essential oils includes linalyl acetate, 1-linalool, ocimene, myrcene, cedren and nerolidol.

Pharmacological power and victory . Efirna ole muscat vicorist is used in pharmaceutical practice for flavoring liquors and in the perfumery industry – as a fixative of odors. From the spring waters (the outlets that are overflowing with water vapor during the extraction of ethereal oil) prepare merry baths for those who are ill with rheumatism. In venerable folk medicine, the herbal products of shawl live in tachycardia, in case of ailments (disinfectant and anti-seizure diarrhoea), as well as to reduce etching, and as a febrifuge-reducing zasib. In Bulgarian folk medicine, infusions of nutmeg herb are used as a remedy, which helps with goiter, and fresh leaves of the plant are applied to wounds and boils.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya.

Internally – tincture (prepared with 70% alcohol at a ratio of 1:10), 20 drops per dose 3 times a day before meals;

nastіy (1 tablespoon of syrovin per 400 ml of okrop, insist 1 year, protsіditi) for pivsklyanka 3 times a day, until їdi.

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