Bird cherry zvichayna – common bird cherry

There is a well-known folk example: near the kіntsi kvіtnya – cold weather insists on the cob of grass – cherry blossoms bloom. This hour is called so – “Cheremkhov cold”. Fragrant, lower kits of white flowers written by poets and artists. The wild cherry plume looks superbly on the background of the first green leaves!

Ring out the tree of the chi bush with a black-gray bark. Leaves are black, elliptic, toothed. Flowers are dry, correct, white, near thick, drooping whales. Plid – a blissful black berry (kistyanka), a tart arc for relish – “stuffs the mouth”. In Ukraine, wild cherry grows throughout the entire territory of the mid-chagar forests, in forests in water areas, and often grow in gardens.

For the preparation of vicarious fruits, flowers, bark of young chicks and wild cherry leaves. Pick up tickets, leaves and hanging bark, and the fruits – from the world of their ripening, from the end of the lime – sickle. Dry the bark, flowers and leaves

on paper and thin fabrics and on clothes on the floor or in well-ventilated areas. Dry the fruits in the sun in special dryers.

Riznobіchna lіkarska diya cheremkhi zumovlena complex chemical warehouse usіh її parts. Flowers, fruits, leaves and bark of the roslina contain flavonoids, carbohydrates, alcohols, steroids, various vitamins, tannins, ethereal oliya and aldehydes.

In scientific medicine, vicarious fruits of wild cherry, yak seem to have an astringent, anti-seizure and phytoncidal effect. Nastya yagid zastosovuyut for the treatment of various slug-intestinal ailments (enteritis, colitis, dysentery). Tsіlyuschi power mayut jelly and morsi from the fruit of wild cherry. Nastіy dried yagіd helps with carryovers, and fresh sіk reveals an early warning.

In folk medicine, vicorist, cream of fruits, spring flowers, leaves and bark of the roslin. Nastiy measles is a miraculous sechoginny, sweating and antigaryachkovy zasib. Nastіy leaflets and votives zastosovuyut zvnіshno at the sight of lotion and washing with flaming ailments of the eyes (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis).

At the places of mass growth of wild cherry, the local population starts with pies with berries, adding wild cherry to the dough. Even more original for taste is sour cherry hogweed (dried berries are ground together with tassels). Come out a wonderful dessert with an instant aroma.

Cheremkha is an early honey plant. Її honey productivity 20-35 kg per 1 hectare of thickets. Nectar from 100 flowers should contain about 15 mg of zucru, moreover, bjoly take wild cherry saws.

Nasty fruits. 1 tablespoon of dried fruits is brewed with 200 ml of dill, insisted, treated. Take 1/2 flask 2 times a day for 5 years before departure (in the fall, as nastiy vikoristovuyut as a sechoginny zasib – take 1 tablespoon 3-5 times a day).

According to the Ukrainian authors, wild cherry may have toxic dominance instead of cyanogenic amygdalin. Vivation of a significant amount of manufactured fruits can cause serious illness and vomiting. I.M. Nosal for the sake of not making dried fruits for stuffing pies, but rinsing them in warm water, and wild cherry boar should be added more for flavoring, for a small amount.

Nasty measles. 5 g of syrovin is brewed with 200 ml of okrop, insisted, processed. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Nastіy kvіtok chi listkіv (zvnіshnє). 1 teaspoon of dried syrovin per 200 ml of cold boiled water, insist for 8 years, proceed. For lotions and washing.

Why is it necessary to hang lamati from the majestic flowers of wild cherry for bouquets, as if there were no cornices? Think about it, read!

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