Noble liverwort

Ranunculaceae – Ranunculaceae.

Popular names: coppice, liver grass.

Parts Used: Above-ground part of the plant.

Pharmacy name: liverwort grass – Hepaticae herba (formerly: Herba Hepaticae).

Botanical description. This is a perennial herbaceous plant, which in early spring, among the green-brown last year’s leaves, long peduncles with amazing blue-violet flowers are found. Only as a consequence of this, three-lobed basal leaves develop on long petioles; pubescent below, they soon become leathery. Sometimes white or pinkish flowers are found. Blossoms in April (in the mountains – in May). It occurs in shady forests, singly or in large clumps; Prefers calcareous and clay soils.

Collection and preparation. The grass is harvested during flowering and dried in the shade.

active substances. In the dried plant, there are no sharp and poisonous irritants inherent in all buttercups in their fresh state. Pharmaceutical raw materials contain anemonin, anthocyanins, flavonoids, glycosides and tannins.

Healing action and application. Scientific medicine does not use the liverwort; in homeopathy, it is extremely rarely used for lung diseases and chronic bronchitis.

Application in folk medicine.The liverwort found true recognition only in folk medicine. The fact that its leaves are shaped like a liver played a major role in attempts to use it in diseases of the liver, since, according to the medieval doctrine of signatures, each herb, by its appearance or color, notifies which ailments it helps against. Indeed, properly prepared tea from the liverwort is effective in diseases of the liver and gallbladder, in gallstone disease. In addition, this tea is used for irritation of the larynx and diseased lungs. This application is based on the ability of anemonins to inhibit the development of tubercle bacillus. o Liver tea: 1-3 teaspoons of dried herb (in no case should it be used fresh!) Pour 1/l l of cold water and keep it in this state for 10 hours.

Side effects. Do not use fresh herbs! Take only in prescribed doses, otherwise stomach diseases may begin. Please consult your doctor first!

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