Hellebore black – hellebore black

Bagatorichna herb’yanista, with a short rhizome roslin, the motherland of lilies. The stem is straight (60) 70-100 (130) cm inflorescences, cylindrical, empty, at the upper part of the downy. The leaves are large, spirally arranged, numerical, whole, vzdovzh folded parts, bare, ringing at the bottom in a wide fluff; the lower leaves are broadly elliptic, shortly tapered; upper – linear-lanceolate or linear. Polygamous tickets, selected at the vuzka voloteve with a flower; the color is simple, dark purple, six-folded, with elliptical, whole edges. Plid – an ovoid trihedral bare box. Flowers in linden – sickle.

Width. Hellebore is black in growth in forests and chagar forests, on forest galyavins in forest-steppe regions and a sight in Polissya; along the valleys of the rivers – near the peninsular part of the left-bank Step.

Procurement and saving . For the preparation of vicarious liquors, rhizome with hellebore roots (Rhizoma cum radicibus Veratri) is used. Harvest the syrovina of autumn, after seeing the above-ground parts of the growth, closer to the wind, shoveling the growth with a shovel. Crush the selected syrovina in the ground, swell in the stems, miut in cold water, cut into pieces, split, if necessary, napil and dry in the sun, and in unfriendly weather minds – in a warm place or in dry at a temperature of up to 50 °. Dry syrovini come out 20%. Lines of appurtenance – 3 years. I’m ready to take the sirovina from well-closed jars or plaques, following the rules for saving the ruby ​​roslins. Cut off all parts of the growth. When manipulating with it (harvesting, drying, preparing liqueurs thinly), you need to protect your eyes, nose, and mouth, then work your hands.

Chemical warehouse. Rhizomes and roots of hellebore contain the amount of alkaloids (rhizomes – up to 1.3%, roots – up to 2.4%), tannins of speech, resin, zukri and pigments.

Pharmacological power and victory. In case of severe influence on the body, the alkaline hellebore stimulates, and then the somatic and vegetative functions of the nervous system, expand the blood vessels, increase the strength of the heart, increase the strength of the heart, improve the rhythm of the heart, improve the rapidity of the intestinal ulcers. In some foreign countries, alkaloids of hellebore vicory are used for curing severe forms of hypertension (products of tensatrin, verales and others). On the terenes of the colic SRSR, the product Loverain was tested. However, hellebore products did not become widespread, but they have a link with their high toxicity. Large doses of hellebore call for carrying and vomiting, which can end in clonicotonic convulsions, parasthesia, collapse and death. In case of severe zastosuvanni preparations and hellebore show pain-relieving, teasing and insecticidal action. Calling on tse, hellebore tincture of vicorist as an effective pain relief remedy for neuralgia, arthritis and rheumatism (roiling). As a radical anti-parasitic zasіb in the fight against smut, pubic and clothing lice, scabs are thinly stuck in the hellebore (moisten the hairy and irritated with a scab of the body, disinfect the whiteness) or ointment from the root of the hellebore and fruit of the angelica liutovy (lіsovy). As a disinfectant zasib vicorist powder from rhizomes and roots of hellebore (sip white). In Bulgarian folk medicine, thickening of rhizomes and roots of hellebore on the wine ointment vicorist like zasib, which helps with seborrhea of ​​the head and improves hair growth (moisten the scalp in a day). In homeopathy, tincture of dried rhizomes and hellebore roots is used.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya .

Zovnishnyo – tincture (prepared on the mіtsnіy goriltsі at spіvvіdnoshenі 1:120, insist 2 tizhnі, protsіdzhuyut);

vіdvar (1/2 teaspoon of syrovin per 200 ml of dill);

ointment: 1 tablespoon powdered hellebore root is mixed with 1 teaspoon powdered angelica fruit and add 4 parts of lard;

thickening vodvar (50 g of syrovin per 250 ml of wine oats and 250 ml of water, boiled in half, filtered).

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