Chastukha plantain – chastuha plantain

zvichayna, chastuha-plantain, chastukha, shilnik, frog, frog, zhovnik, bishnik, kachachi squeaks, water companion, water plantain; homeland of the Chastukhovs (Alismataceae); plantain chastuha


Not only a chastukha, but also deyakі іnshі roslini named after the motherland in the name of the homeland, yak kharchovі roslini, for example, arrowhead.

Chastukha psyllium is a herbaceous hornwort up to 80 cm. Leaves dovgochereshkovі, utvoryuyut basal rosette, sound like a heart-like. The leaf blade is short, lower petiole, wedges up to 15 cm and apex up to 7 cm, with similar late veins. The flowers were white and pale erysipelas, small, brans near the pyramidal hairy bud, bloom near the red sickle. Most of the chastuha is trapped near water and bagnist places, along the banks of rivers, rates of those other water bodies, near ditches, on water bows in the forest and forest-steppe zones of the middle swamp of Russia and near similar places in Ukraine.

The rhizomes of the roslini take root in їzhu. The stench is to take revenge on rich starch, ethereal oil and resinous speech. In the pivdennih regions of Russia, the rhizomes are eaten with livers.

In Avіtsenni there is a riddle about those who chastuha vicorous for the dissolution of narivіv, drank infusions of roots for pain in the internal organs and cut stone ailments for the dissolution of stones, as well as for virazki in the intestines.

Modern science and folk medicine chastukha as a medical zasib is not zastosovuє.

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