Chaga (black birch mushroom)



Inonotus oblique (Pers.) Pilat.

The Tin family is Polyporaceae


What does it look like? Irregularly shaped black mushroom growths up to 50 cm long, weighing up to 2 kg, with a highly porous, cracked surface, are caused by a fungal parasite that destroys a living tree. On the section you can see 3 layers: almost black, dark brown (both are very hard) and the third (the closer to the tree, the softer) is unsuitable. It is easy to confuse cyrus with sponges, hoof-shaped tinders with a velvety surface.

Where does it grow? On adult birches, alders, aspens, elms, rowan trees – in the place where the tree received mechanical damage or was affected by frost or sun.

What and when are collected? Birch growths throughout the year (best from autumn to spring). Dry at a temperature of 50°.

When is it used? For the treatment of patients with peptic ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum (scarring ulcers),

3 chronic gastritis. It is also used as a symptomatic agent for the treatment of patients with malignant tumors of any localization, who are not indicated for surgical interventions or radiation therapy. Cyr improves the well-being of the patient, enhances hematopoiesis (the action of chromogenic and polyphenolcarbon complex, alkaloid, pternpiz, agaric acid, resin), has the properties of a biogenic stimulator.

Used in the form of tea. The dried mushroom is washed and divided into parts. To soften, pour cold (boiled) water for 4 hours, then pass through a meat grinder or grind on a grater. The mushroom prepared in this way is poured with boiled warm water at a temperature not higher than 50° in the ratio of 1 part of the mushroom to 5 and infused for 48 hours. The liquid is drained, the sediment is squeezed out, the water in which the mushroom was soaked before softening is added, and it is consumed three times a day for 1 glass of infusion half an hour before meals. The prepared infusion can be stored for 4 days. The treatment is long-term, courses from 3 to 7 months with seven- or ten-day breaks. It is believed that where the infusion of this mushroom is constantly used instead of tea, the percentage of cancer is much lower.

The mushroom is non-poisonous, harmless to the body. When using the mushroom, the diet is dairy-vegetable, without meat, fats and hot spices. During the treatment of cirum one should beware of its antagonists: penicillin and glucose. Contraindications for chronic dysentery.

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