Caucasian persimmon

Dioecious tree with dark green oval leaves. Flowers axillary, on short pedicels; stamens are located 2-5 in semi-umbels, pistillate – solitary. Calyx 4-5-lobed, corolla brown-red or dirty pink. The fruit is a fleshy berry of a spherical shape, amber-yellow, when ripe – dark brown. Blossoms in May, bears fruit in September-October. Oriental persimmon is a low tree cultivated in gardens. The fruit is fleshy, spherical-flattened, light orange or flesh-red when ripe. The fruits ripen in October.

The fruits of the Caucasian persimmon contain 61% of vitamin C and carotene. Oriental persimmon fruits contain glycosides (68%), flavonoids (0.53%), iodine (49.7 mg%), vitamin C, organic acids, manganese, magnesium, lead, copper, and iron. The fruits also contain glucose and fructose, tannins of the gallic group, etc.

Canned juice from the fruits of oriental persimmon is used for thyrotoxicosis. Juice is prepared from fresh fruits with the addition of 20% alcohol.

Condensed juice (persimmon-do-bash) is prepared from persimmon fruits, which is obtained by squeezing the fruit. It is used for hypertension, anemia, as an expectorant for catarrh of the respiratory tract.

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