Horsetail homeland – Equisetaceae

How do you look?Bagatorichna herbaceous roslina 10-15 cm long, with blackish jointed rhizomes (underground and aboveground), on which there are often round bulbous bulbs, dumb peas (liver for gusto guess potatoes). Stems of two species: spore-bearing early spring, stench negalous, 10-20 cm zavvishee, reddish-white, juicy, with large piahs, with 8-9 teeth on the skin segment of the stem, on the top of the kinchae are oval-cylindrical, spore-bearing strobilus (sporangia selected in the upper strobes), summer stems – zhorstki (rich in silicic acid), develop laterally, gillia, 50 cm whorls, furrows, segments and with feathers, yak may have 8-9 black teeth with a white male. The needles of their placement with calves at the nodes of the stems, sometimes they make up the secondary flare. The needles are simple, furrowed, with feathers and 3-4 teeth, straightened burn.

De growth? Throughout the territory of Ukraine – on fallow fields and acidic soils, on bows, near ditches, on the banks of rivers, on sands.

What and when to take? Summer pagons – in chervni – spring, in dry weather (dry with swede, marshy balls, so that they do not stain).

When to stall? How zasіb krovospinny, protignilny, tannic and sechoginny at stagnant phenomena due to disorder of krovoobіgu (decompensation of cardiac activity); change swelling and swelling, with exudative pleurisy; with stones of sich mіkhur (greater sight of sich, changing the bіl at dіlyantsі mіkhur and reducing the amount of protein in the sich, clearing the sich water from all slags), with tin.

In case of acute inflammation of the nirok, it is not recommended to live in the roslin, the prote will be polluted by the burning camp of the exchange of speeches, influencing the activity of the liver, spleen and intestines (with passages). The best for nirki diє horsetail (dark green meadow horsetail – non-lekarska dewdrop). У суміші хвощ польовий вживають для лікування подагри, ревматизму, емфіземи, навіть туберкульозу легень (діє кремнієвий нагрій), також як кровоспинний засіб при кривавому блюванні, геморої, маткових кровотечах (діють дубильні речовини, алкалоїди еквізетин, палюстрин, нікотин; сечогінні флавони ізоквсрцитрин; triterpene saponins squizetonin, silicic acid; flavonoids, similar to routine, resin; vitamin C; carotene, mineral salts; aluminum, potassium-reducing; organic acids).

For 1 bottle, take 1 tablespoon of horsetail herb and boil about 30 quills. Drink 1 sachet of vrants (natshe heart) and in the evening with wedges (in case of a painful sight, hot tea with sumish (pore) herbs of horsetail and chamomile flowers; with spasms of sich mihur – tea with sumish (pore) of horsetail herbs and blue hairs – blue hairs 3 flasks a day; also massage and put a small pillow on a sieve of mikhur, filled with hot steamed horsetail). At the stones of the sich mіkhur, take sumіsh leaflets of polyna zvichayny, tormentor, carrots, horsetail herbsand use a crop of stock (Anelhum graveolens L.) at spivvіdnoshennі 2: 3: 3: 2: 2, fill it with 2 bottles of water and insist on the whole at the oven or oven. Vranci boil 5-7 quills and drink in a pivsklyanka 4 times a day.

As a blood-spinal zasіb during supra-world menstruation, horsetail herbs and cone berries live together, and in case of crooked vomiting (porіvnu) — horsetail herbs with cone berries .

Horsetail herb can be planted not only in case of dropsy of the heart, inflamed and spasms of sich mikhura, sechokamyaniya ailments, gout, tuberculosis leg, liver disease, bleeding (nasal, uterine, hemorrhagic), and also with inflamed nerve, scapular pain and addison’s disease (horsetail stimulates the function of measles suppositories).

During the winter, water infusion of horsetail grass (2 tablespoons, take 2 flasks of water, soar at night in the oven) draw in wounds from the nostrils and rinse the mouth with it in case of aphthous and virazkovyh processes. Such a nastіy is used for douching of pihvi with pain in women, for lotions with ailments of the skin (ringworm and itching lichen, eczema), on purulent wounds, boils, lichen; also take baths, to which add 4 tablespoons of horsetail herb in 1 liter of water. Sit-down baths should be performed in case of cut-off stone ailments (kolіkakh) and pains in the gaps of the cut-off mіkhur. Horsetail zastosovuyut at cosmetics. 1 tablespoon of horsetail herb is poured with 1 bottle of okrop, heated on a weak fire 5 quills, steamed and steamed to heal for lotions and rubbing with oily and porous coats.

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