Fucus blisteris

Perennial brown seaweed, which attaches to coastal rocks and rocky soil, erect (in the upper part it has bubble-like swellings – in the thallus itself), reaching a size of 50-60 cm. – green to dark brown. It reproduces vegetatively and sexually by zygotes. Dioecious seaweed.

Distributed in the shallow coastal zone of almost the entire Atlantic Ocean, in addition, in the eastern and western regions of the Mediterranean Sea. Not found in the Black Sea.

Medicinal raw material is thallus. The dried thallus contains up to 0.5% of organically bound iodine (in the ashes of the thallus there is more iodine – 3%).

The action of fucus is due to the iodine contained in it. The liquid extract is most commonly used to regulate thyroid function; is prescribed for goiter, obesity and its consequences (asthma with difficulty breathing), arteriosclerosis.

It is used for obesity for weight loss hot infusion of dry crushed thallus (teaspoon), poured with 2 cups of boiling water (dose for 1 day).

Fucus can be replaced with domestic algae cystoseira.

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