Firmiana sycamore

In the conditions of the South Caucasus, a deciduous tree with a rounded or umbrella crown, 15-20 m high. The trunk is straight, with a smooth grayish bark. The leaves are large, up to 30 cm long, wide, with 3-5 palmate-pointed lobes, heart-shaped at the base, slightly pubescent on the underside. The flowers are dioecious, greenish-yellow, small, collected in paniculate inflorescences up to 10 cm long.

It grows mainly in the south of the Krasnodar Territory.

Medicinal raw materials are leaves collected from the beginning of flowering to the beginning of slight yellowing.

Leaves in the form of a tincture of 70% alcohol are drunk as a means of stimulating the central nervous system in asthenic and depressive states, overwork, low blood pressure (hypotension) and with a decrease in muscle tone.

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