Common beans – kvassola zvichayna (harvesting and storage)

kvassola zvichayna, popular name – beans.


The legume family is Fabaceae (Leguminosae).

For medicinal purposes, fruit leaves are used.

It occurs in culture throughout Ukraine, more often in forest-steppe and steppe regions. It is grown in collective farms, state farms and in individual gardens.

Stocks of raw materials are large. Industrial preparations are expedient in all regions of Ukraine. According to the Ukoopsoyuz, in the republic the largest amount of this raw material was harvested in 1965 – 2.5 g.

Harvest valves (“husk”) only varieties with straw-yellow or yellow-white beans during harvest (August-September). Plants are pulled out, dried until ripening in the sun, then the seeds are threshed, and the fruit valves are cut off by hand, while discarding those affected by mold and blackened.

There is no regulatory document. Raw materials are exported. By agreement with foreign firms, it consists of individual fruit valves, conical, grooved, helical twisted, 5-20 cm long, pale yellow or yellowish-white on the outside, inside with a white flaky film, yellowish in color. There is no smell. The taste is specific. In raw materials, no more than 2% of stems and leaves of beans and 1% of organic and mineral impurities are allowed.

Raw materials are packed in flax-jute bags of the same weight. Store in dry, well-ventilated areas on pallets or racks.

Bean leaves contain phaseolin, cholesterol, lecithin, phenolcarbolic and amino acids, flavonoids, coumarins, etc.; the biologically active substance, obviously, is guanidine and its derivatives. They are used in the form of an aqueous infusion as a means of reducing blood sugar in diabetes mellitus.

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