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Thallus filamentous-bushy, hanging or sticking out, grayish-green, branching from the very base. The branches are of the same thickness along the entire length and only thinning towards the top, rounded in cross section, with annular cracks. Throughout the thallus, hemispherical warts are scattered, sometimes lateral, spaced, 1-2 cm long branches are formed, on which fruiting bodies (apothecia) are placed. Apothecia are numerous, with cilia along the thallus margin and a brownish powdery disc. Spores are round or slightly elongated, 7-8 x 9 µm.

Settles on the trunks and branches of deciduous trees. In Russia, it is distributed throughout the forest zone.

Contains usnic acid. It is used as a raw material for obtaining the Binan product.

See also Uspeya thick-bearded.

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