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Thallus filamentous-bushy, hanging or slightly elevated above the substrate, yellowish-greenish, branching from the very base. Thallus twigs, thickened at the base, with a wrinkled or pitted surface, in the lower part are covered with sorals, which are somewhat lighter in color than the thallus, with isidial soredia. Fruiting bodies (apothecia) are not common, they are located on the main and side branches. The thallus margin is visible only in young apothecia, the disc is brownish-cream. Spores are ellipsoidal, 5×8 µm.


It lives on the trunks and branches of coniferous and deciduous trees. In Russia, it is found throughout the forest zone. Contains usnic acid. Serves as a raw material for obtaining the product “Binan” sodium salt of usnic acid. It looks like a crystalline powder of pale lemon color, which has a pronounced antimicrobial effect.

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