Pumpkin ordinary – garbuz zvichayny (harvesting and storage)

zvichayny, popular name – tavern.


Cucurbitaceae family – Cucurbitaceae.

Medicinal raw materials – dry seeds.

It is grown almost throughout Ukraine (with the exception of mountainous regions) in fields and gardens.

Stocks of raw materials are large (hundreds of tons of seeds can be harvested annually, mainly in the steppe and forest-steppe regions). The average annual procurement in the republic in 1974-1976. was 2426.7 tons.

Seeds are harvested from ripe fruits (August-September), cutting or breaking the fruits and picking out the seeds with their hands (only mature, completed).

Dry them in attics under an iron roof or under sheds with good ventilation, spreading them out in a thin layer (1-2 cm) on paper or cloth and stirring occasionally.

According to FS 42-609-72, the raw material consists of individual seeds 1.5-2 cm long, 0.8-1.2 cm wide and 0.1-0.4 cm thick. The peel is white with a yellowish tinge, the inner film is greenish – gray, yellowish cotyledons. There is no smell. The taste is sweetish, oily. Humidity is not higher than 13%. In raw materials, no more than (percent) is allowed: films within the fruit and the remains of dry pulp – 0.2, empty and damaged seeds – 2, organic impurities – 0.5, mineral – 0.1. Seed impurities of gymnosperms are not allowed.

The weight of 1000 seeds is not less than 180 g.

Dry seeds are packed in bags weighing 30-45 kg. Store in a dry, well-ventilated area on pallets or racks. Storage period up to 2 years.

Seeds contain fatty oil (up to 50%), resinous substances, phytosterols, vitamins C and B, carotenoids.

Used porridge, decoction, emulsion and powder from the cotyledons as an antihelminthic (with pinworms and tapeworms).

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