Chinese Tung – Chinese Tung



Leaf fall, 8-10 m helix tree of the motherland of euphorbia. Leaves chergovі, dovgochereshkovі, trilopatevі or cіlіsnі, broadly ovate, up to 30 cm zavshirs. The tickets are correct, one-sided (roslina is monoecious), up to 3 cm in diameter, in small kits; vіnochok p’yatipelyustkovy, white with cream or erysipelas. Plid – kistyankopodibny. Blossom near birch – crisp, fruits reach at yellow – leaf fall.

Width . Tung Chinese grows wildly in Central and Pivnіchny China. On the terenes of the colossal SRSR, yoga is cultivated in Transcaucasia.

Sirovina. For medical needs, vicorist is now used, for which they get fat swedish olive oil.

Chemical warehouse . The stock of Chinese oleic tung includes eleostearic acid (up to 80%), stearic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, hydroxy acids, glycerin and other compounds.

Pharmacological power and victory . In medicine in China and the country of Indo-China, the oliya tung of the Chinese zastosovuetsya as a diluting and carrying zasib, to enter the warehouse of ointments in the form of nariviv and opikiv. Made from olive tung high-yield enamel and farby, vicorist varnishes for covering medical equipment (as a stable anti-corrosion zasib).

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