Solontsev spherophysis – solontsev spherophysis

Name: Spherofiza solonets – spherofiza solonets

Spherophyza solontseva (Sphaerophysa salsula); spherophyza solonetzic


A perennial herbaceous plant of the legume family, covered with short pressed hairs. The stem is erect, 25-100 cm tall, branched in the upper part. The leaves are alternate, odd-pinnate, with 6-10 pairs of elongated elliptic leaflets. Flowers bisexual, irregular, in apical racemes; corolla butterfly, red, 16 mm long. The fruit is 6/6. Blooms from May to July.

Spread. Spherophysa solontseva grows in the Caucasus, in Central Asia, in Kazakhstan, in the southern part of Siberia on the banks and river valleys, in wet, often salty places, as a weed on cotton plantations and alfalfa fields.

Procurement and storage . For medical purposes, the herb Spherophysae (Herba Sphaero-physae salsolae) is used, which is harvested from the beginning of flowering of the plant to the beginning of the formation of fruits, cutting off the entire above-ground part of the plant with a sickle or scythe. Sun-dried grass is threshed with flails. Rough parts of the stems are discarded, and the crushed mass consisting of flowers, leaves and thin shoots is used as raw material for the production of spherophysin. Raw materials are stored in dry rooms. The shelf life is 2 years.

Chemical composition . Spherophysin grass contains a sum of alkaloids (0.12-0.4%), the main among which is spherophysin.

Pharmacological properties and use . Spherophysin alkaloid has a hypotensive effect, tones and strengthens uterine muscle contraction. It is used for hypertensive disease of the 1st and 2nd stages, in the case of weak labor activity and bleeding after childbirth, and as a means that contracts the muscles of the uterus in the postpartum period. As a uterine remedy, spherophysin is inferior to other products, but it can be used in parturients with hypertension and atherosclerosis, when the use of other products (pituitrin and others) are contraindicated.

Medicinal forms and applications . Spherophysin (Sphaerophysinum) is prescribed internally for 0.03 g 2-3 times a day, under the skin and in the muscles for 1 ml of a 1% solution (also 2-3 times a day). To stimulate labor, inject 1 ml of a 1% solution under the skin or into the muscles again after 1 hour; only 6 injections. Inside, 0.03 g is prescribed again after 2 hours. The largest doses for adults inside: single 0.05 g, daily — 0.1 g.

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