Dried flower annual (immortelle)

Name: Dried flower annual (immortelle)

DRY FLOWER ANNUAL (immortelle)


A small annual plant with a taproot, poorly developed, slightly branched root. Aerial parts are whitish from adpressed hairs. Stem single, 10-50 cm high, ribbed, branched from the base. The leaves are alternate, linear, narrowed towards the base, almost sessile. Inflorescences – single baskets on the tops of the stem and its branches. Wrapper of inflorescences from membranous leaves; outer – pale, ovoid, inner – linear-lanceolate, pink or pink-violet, twice as long as the outer ones. Root flowers are sterile, medium – fertile, tubular, numerous (more than 100). The fruits are achenes with a tuft of 5 unequal lanceolate bristles, which are slightly shorter than the fruit. Blooms in June-August. The fruits ripen in July-September.

Medicinal raw material is the whole plant harvested during flowering and uprooted along with the roots. Dry in the attic with a thin (5-7 cm) layer on paper or cloth with occasional stirring. The taste of raw materials is bitter. Dried annual flower contains flavones.

It is used for gastric diseases.

In folk medicine, the grass collected during flowering is drunk for swelling of the legs (edema of cardiac origin). It is used as a tea.

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