Sumac tannin

Name: Tanning sumac



Tall shrub or tree 2-4 m tall with pinnate leaves 9-17 cm long, with 9-17 leaves, the lobes of which are obtuse, hairy above, gray-green. Flowers 5-membered, greenish-white, heterosexual, small, in large hairy inflorescences. The fruits are spherical (5-6 mm in diameter), mature – red, densely glandular.

It grows along forest edges, in forest plantations, on rocky places. It is often found in Dagestan, in the North Caucasus and in the Krasnodar Territory.

Sumac leaves are used in medicine. They are harvested from the beginning of flowering to fruiting. Tannin is obtained from the leaves.

Inside, products are prescribed for catarrhs ​​of the gastrointestinal tract, tannin solutions – for poisoning with salts of heavy metals and alkaloids. Externally, tannin is used in the form of solutions and ointments for burns, ulcers and bedsores.

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