Saussurea disputable

Name: Saussurea disputable



Perennial herbaceous plant with purple-brown pubescence, stem 25-100 cm high. Leaves ovate, green above, white-locust, oaky below. Flower baskets are small, up to 1 cm wide, collected in a small dense flower. Flowers lilac-violet. Blooms in July-August.

Distributed in the forest, forest-steppe and partly steppe zones and mountain forest belt throughout Siberia. It grows in birch, pine and larch forests, on mossy mountain slopes, upland meadows.

Roots are medicinal raw materials.

In scientific medicine, the infusion and decoction of the roots have a hemostatic effect, which is confirmed by research.

In folk medicine, an infusion of the roots is drunk for headaches and as a uterine hemostatic agent.

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